Why is Bill Gates hated for trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine?

On May 15, according to the New York times reported that by Bill Gates and Seattle city public health agencies will be coronavirus family test project (abbreviations: SCAN, Seattle will be coronavirus test network), by the United States food and drug administration suspended indefinitely, the project can provide about 300 people a day before the test.

As with all the magic tricks the U.S. government has been performing since January in its response to the covid-19 outbreak, it’s worth taking a moment to pause a gates promotion that could really help the federal government do better testing when there’s already a supply gap in its own testing capabilities.

Why is Bill Gates’ novel coronavirus testing project halted?

The reason for the partial disclosure was that, according to the food and drug administration, the program was halted because of “concerns about safety and the accuracy of test results.”According to sources from the New York times, the hill, business insider and others, the project was previously granted “surveillance approval”, meaning that the results of the tests were not allowed to be Shared with the test subjects, and could only be obtained by federal departments or research institutions.

However, during the implementation, the test results were returned to the subjects themselves, so that more people would have access to the real test information, which may not be what the current us trump administration, which declared that the peak of the epidemic had passed and that it was a “wise decision” to restart the economy, wants to see.

The main consideration for trump and his core decision team to halt the democratic-leaning Bill Gates project may include three factors: first, to control the spillover of negative governance contrasts.For trump, it is clear that the strategic choice to fight covid-19 is, and must be, subordinated to and served by the intense need to seek President trump’s political re-election in 2020, and that the resulting lack of governance capacity is the result.

Second, trump should continue to maintain his strong and dominant influence, and not allow any negative data and information to threaten his plan to restart the economy. Gates substantially pushed forward the proliferation of novel coronavirus detection capability, which may lead to trump’s strategic vulnerability in the safe house of the White House.Third, it has a rather subtle connection to the ideological ground on which populism is brewing, because it is politically palatable for the current trump administration.

Why is Bill Gates a thorn in someone’s side?

Effective, accurate, comprehensive and rapid testing was in the key position of “leading vanguard” in the fight against novel coronavirus.The timely identification and detection of covid-19 patients of different severity through testing is undoubtedly crucial to the follow-up tracking and treatment.

But has long been a warning people focus on large-scale epidemic, and dedicated to the development of vaccine us software giant Microsoft, Bill Gates, founder of joint like “captain America” active in the fight against epidemic fauci, a line on it by the populist, transfer and an object of expressing negative emotions.

Internet users in the United States are circulating conspiracy – based “ghost stories” on social networking sites, describing the virus as being invented by elites like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to “control the human race.”

It is no doubt sad and sad that, in the context of globalization, the cancellation of the bill gates-sponsored testing program does not eliminate but actually contributes to the unhealthy ideological trend and cognition with significant populist overtone.

As of May 17, there were nearly 1.5 million confirmed cases and nearly 90,000 deaths in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins university.

Trump the lack of a sense of responsibility, for the global fight against the efforts of the outbreak of the new champions league input the latest uncertainty, and continue to remind people, unless effective will increasingly lack such a sense of responsibility as soon as possible to minimize the influence on global governance of the United States, or in the fight against the practice of the new champions league outbreak, humans will also pay more unnecessary cost.

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