Wind and rain can speed the spread of a novel coronavirus. A total wrong

Does rain make novel coronavirus breed faster?
Will the covid-19 epidemic end with high summer temperatures?
Can blood donation lower blood fat in the elderly?
These are all rumors!
The Beijing association for science and technology, the Beijing municipal office of Internet and information technology, and the Beijing association of science journalists and editors jointly released the may science gossip list to uncover the truth.

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Recent rumors about novel coronavirus, covid-19 continue to circulate.
The news is that the wind will blow the virus everywhere and the rain will make it multiply faster.
A novel coronavirus virus is avirus that cannot be transmitted by a strong wind.
Rain does not increase the risk of transmission of novel coronavirus. The virus floats in the air in tiny droplets, and the droplets will be washed away from the ground in the rain after rain. Therefore, rain can also reduce the number of viruses floating in the air and reduce the risk of infection.

It doesn’t make sense to say that the covid-19 epidemic will end with warmer temperatures in the summer.
It is impossible to successfully contain the virus by high temperature alone. For example, Singapore and Malaysia, which are located in the tropics with high temperature and frequent rainfall, are still suffering from severe epidemic.

In addition, the current edition of the list also refutes some health rumors.
If the elderly blood donation can reduce blood fat?
In fact, it is not. The blood lipid may decrease slightly in a short period of time after blood donation, but our body has the ability of self-regulation and the blood lipid will soon adjust back to the original level.
In response to the myth that “chubby kids will grow up to be thinner,” the rumor board pointed out that a study by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention showed that 80 percent of obese children will become obese adults, and childhood obesity may affect their health in adulthood.
The statement that “China is the only country where salt is iodized by force” is also incorrect. In 2008, more than 120 countries and regions implemented salt iodization policies, among which 34 countries and regions, including China and India with the largest population, implemented salt iodization by force.

The humen bridge vibration incident happened not long ago has also attracted much attention.
Many people think the vibration is caused by a broken sling wire, but it’s not.
The main reason of bridge vibration is the phenomenon of vortex-vibration under the special wind environment.
Temporary retaining walls (commonly known as “water horse”) were placed on both sides of the humen bridge as it was repairing the boom and main cable. The “water horse” blocked the ventilation part of the bridge, forming a wall and causing vortices.

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